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The protection of capital is our 1# priority.
Our approach is a mixture of manual & AI trading but we have advanced AI tools to protect equity.

We will compound 8-15% target each month with a low drawdown.

Use the same leverage & lot sizes as default with a minimum balance of our deposit.


Pick between one of our managed options below & link your MT4 account to our master account to enjoy our trades.
Our performance fee is 30% each month from profits which will be calculated by our system (+£10 account hosting).
You should use a raw/ecn account with low spreads & 1:500 leverage for best/matched perfomance.

WageFX - Growth AI - Minimum Capital: £3000
WageFX - Safe AI - Minimum Balance: £500

"Growth AI" - 12-25% monthly - includes XAUUSD (Gold) trading which = more profits. Although it's safe, It adds a further 5-7% drawdown risk.
"Safe AI" - 6-12% monthly - includes only currency pairs and is considered very safe.


If you need help with joining or have questions, contact us:

Telegram: Lets talk now
Email/Website: https://wagefx.com/

Remember: Long-term compounded investments are always better - Use our calculator here for estimates!

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